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Tips ~ System Maintenance

It is incredibly important to get your septic tank inspected on a regular basis, to prevent possible issues that in the future could lead to septic tank failure. Similar to the process of getting a multi-point inspection whenever you change the oil in your car at a repair center, septic tank inspections are pre-emptive actions that can save you a great deal of time and money by pointing out any potential problems before they arise.

Required maintenance is determined by septic tank inspection and pumping it on a regular basis. The maintenance schedule will vary in direct correlation with the size of the septic tank, how many people are using it, and the amount of water being sent to it. But for any type of tank, periodic septic tank inspections should be done along with regular pumping to keep it functioning properly.

Septic Tank Drain Field Problems

If your septic tank is overfull or the bacteria are not digesting the septic effluent properly then undigested wastewater with large waste particles will be delivered to your drain field and the perforated pipes will being to clog. This is the beginning of septic system failure. At this point, it is still possible to solve the problem using septic tank drain field cleaners. Replacing a drain field can be expensive so if you think you may be heading down that road call us immediately and talk to us about solving the problem.